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 CardioQuip MCH-1000Introducing
the new
MCH Series
Your Next Cooler-Heater!

We offer the following:

    - The new Modular Cooler-Heater Series. We think it's the best cooler-heater on the market. Better patient care, intuitive operation, easy cleaning, and reasonable pricing.

    - Refurbished equipment at significant savings over the cost of new equipment, backed up by our Customer Satisfaction Warranty. We specialize in perfusion equipment such as: heart-lung machines (perfusion systems), cooler-heaters, intra-aortic balloon pumps (IABP), auto-transfusion systems, automated coagulation timers (ACT), air-oxygen mixers or blenders, anesthesia vaporizers and instruments, along with many other items. We offer a full-range of equipment for the operating room theater and if we don't have it "in stock" we have the experience to find your item.

    - Refurbishment / Exchange Program allows you to either send your equipment to us for complete refurbishment or exchange it for a like item we have already refurbished.

    - Service for the full range of medical equipment in the operating room by qualified technicians. Both preventive and corrective maintenance services are provided.

    - Equipment leasing to help you control your capital equipment costs.


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